On-page SEO is only a way that can help search engines understand your website and its content. Besides, it optimizes your webpages, HTML tags, headlines, and images to enhance the website’s search engine rankings. 

It would be best if you implemented on-page SEO to increase your site’s visibility in search engines. So, these steps will guide you to improve your web pages and content. Paying close attention to these On-page SEO steps will enhance your site. 

The market does not have much space for those people who believe they don’t need to advertise or engage using social media. According to Forbes, about 90% of startups fail in their first year. Creating the right social media strategy is a must for anyone who wants to be in that successful top 10%. If you are just getting started, here are some tips to execute the perfect basic social media strategy for your startup.

We all wish driving traffic to our websites was as easy as creating quality content and offering a great product or service. It turns out that if you are hoping to show up in a future customer’s search, you will need to put in the effort to get to the top of that page. According to Paul O’Brien of, website visitors need to be confident that a website they visit is legit. Below are six ways you can demonstrate that legitimacy and drive traffic to your site using some of the best local SEO tactics.

  1. Add Local Testimonials: Create content that is specific to your local market and add local testimonials and feedback to your site. This local SEO tactic shows local clients that you have a tie to their community. Testimonials raise your level of trust with Google. Local testimonials also instil confidence in your potential clients by showing that you are an actual business.
  2. Map It: Creating a link to a map of your business is one of the best local SEO strategies. Adding a map to your site is a simple way to help your potential customers to find your business. Seventy-eight% of mobile searches based on location result in an eventual purchase. This local SEO tactic helps you to ensure your business is the one they find.
  3. Easy Access Through Clickable Links: If you’re new to learning how to do local SEO, you may not realize how important it for the phone numbers on your mobile site to be clickable. Having to toggle between your site and their mobile device’s phone app to give you a call by manually entering the phone number. You want that phone call, so make it easy for your future clients.
  4. Go Google: When first learning how to do local SEO, you’ll need to set up a Google My Business page. Creating a business listing with the world’s largest driver of traffic is a local SEO strategy you can’t ignore. Claiming your My Business page will create a level of legitimacy for your website that drives new traffic which turns into new customers.
  5. Stake your Claim: Don’t just claim your Google My Business page! Another best local SEO strategy is to claim all online profiles that relate to your business. Whether it is Yelp or TripAdvisor when those sites will pop up in a Google search and drive customers your way.
  6. Have a Dedicated Contact Page: Combine a little bit of everything from the above list to as a local SEO tactic. A contact page should feature your map, address, email and a clickable phone number. This allow for all the information you customers will need to both find you and get in touch.

Now that you’ve learned the best local SEO strategy, it’s time to get to work. Put these tips to use and start seeing that boost in traffic that you’re working towards.