Social Media


In today’s time, Instagram has gained immense fame and attention. People belonging to all age groups have their own Instagram accounts. Every minute someone from one corner of the world is posting a glimpse of their life on Instagram. Considering the popularity Instagram has garnered, its users crave having more followers. 

One of the best ways to attract new followers to Instagram is to encourage your followers and customers to share their photos and videos, use branded hashtags and post their content to your Instagram account.

Most people ruin their eCommerce websites because they don’t know how to make them ready and perfect for marketing. Today, I will discuss some points that can be the building blocks for an eCommerce website. With these, you can drive enough sales and traffic to lead your business to the next level. 

  1. You should have optimized product pages around the right keywords.

Right keywords enable the search engines to bring your site to specific search pages. So, ensure to optimize your product pages, Product images, Product URLs, titles, and descriptions around the exact keywords.

Moreover, customers search specific queries and keywords to reach out to those pages that they want.

  1. Your product pages have reviews.

Reviews are helpful to build customers’ trust and drive sales. Also, positive reviews aid shoppers in decision making while purchasing. Besides, more than 60% of customers make purchases from sites with good reviews. 

Moreover, you can improve your Google ranking to drive massive traffic. Furthermore, customers are willing to pay 30% more than the retailer’s actual price with many positive reviews. 

  1. The checkout process is fast & seamless.

Make sure you have a fast and seamless checkout process to respect and save the time of shoppers. You should also have mobile payment integrations such as Apple pay, Android Pay, and Samsung pay to gain loyal customers. 

  1. Customer support is in place.

It plays a crucial role in any business’s growth because it’s the best assistance in solving the customer’s issues. When customers face any problem, then definitely, they would want to find the customer support option.

Try to place the CS option at a suitable place on your website. So, it will give shoppers ease of access to find it.

  1. Refund policy is prominent.

Sometimes customers return the products for different reasons. However, higher return rates will ruin your eCommerce business. So, make sure you have written a clear refund policy and easy to find on your homepage. 

Moreover, your refund policy should benefit shoppers because before making any purchase, they first read the policy. If they find it suitable and meet expectations, then definitely they will buy.

  1. A friendly FAQ page is prominent.

Ensure the presence of an exact and friendly FAQ page because it;

  • Save your time
  • Build a relationship with shoppers
  • Improve site navigation
  • Turn your negatives into positive
  • Analyze your site
  • Highlight the critical information and much more. 
  1. Ensure Coupon codes and Discount offers

Most shoppers don’t want to pay full price for products when they make an online purchase. You have to offer unique coupon codes and discounts to get new customers, traffic and increase up-sells & cross-sells. However, ensure the following discount offers;

  • Percentage-based discount
  • Dollar value discount
  • Free shipping
  • Free gift
  1. High-quality Products images

A clear and quality image convinces the shoppers to make a purchase because visual things relate to our psycho. Moreover, images define your products and their quality. Ensure to share the product images on social platforms to promote your business.

Quality images create good impressions of buyers. Customers can zoom in to review the product. So, a quality image will maintain the pixels during zoom-in.

  1. The website is responsive and loads lightning fast.

Do you know 47% of customers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds? However, according to a recent study, if a web page delay 1 second to load, it can lose 7% conversions and 16% customer satisfaction. Thus, a fast loading speed is prominent to increase user experience and to decrease back bounce rate. 

Make sure your web design is responsive, SEO and mobile-friendly to engage the visitors. Moreover, an attractive and responsive design will enhance the speed of web pages. 


These are not only 9 points but also the building blocks for a successful eCommerce website. Besides, most people follow these marketing strategies to set themselves apart and get their names out with success.

Make sure to implement the above points on your eCommerce website. So, what you think? What points are you most excited to implement on your site? Please share your thoughts, knowledge, and questions below the comment box.