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Welcome to Marketing Chatters. We are glad to know that you are interested in becoming a guest writer on our blog. 

As a guest writer, our website offers you the opportunity to build a wide readership for your content and get a world of followers who love what you do. You also stand to increase the number of people who visit your website to discover more about your works and brand.

Read through our detailed guide in this piece to discover more about our requirements. We tried to cover the most frequently asked questions so you will know what steps to follow.

Basic Requirements for our Publications

  1. Your write-up must comply with our structure in terms of word choices, language, and tone. At Marketing Chatters, we prefer a formal but engaging writing style with no misuse of words or language.
  2. There must be a 100% plagiarism free report to accompany your writing. Your work must be unique and original. Your post should also captivate the readers so that they spend a long time on the page.
  3. Link your writing to a minimum of 5 different blog posts belonging to Marketing chatters.
  4. Spell out your references and citations, and ensure that whatever information you reference shouldn’t be above two years since it was published.
  5. Any hyperlink made to your business website must not exceed one. It could link to your blog site or ‘about us’ webpage depending on your choice.

Now that you are clear about what we expect from you, let’s move on to the other section where we will outline what sort of information we are bound to reject;

Our Don’ts

Here are examples of contents we will decline:

  • We won’t accept articles promoting your business instead of our own. It is not wrong to highlight individual services but remember you are only permitted to do so in a single hyperlink.
  • Incorrect or unverifiable information.
  • We frown at vulgar language and abusive content.
  • Information that already exists on our website. 


  • Don’t upload your article on any of your social platform timelines or blog site.
  • At Marketing Chatters, we have editors who will review your writing before publishing it on our site.
  • Our editors can edit your post to suit our style or preference. We can also update your content to fit with the latest trends.

Rules for Submission of Content

  • Your work should be clear and concise. Avoid writing bulky sentences so that the reader can easily understand.
  • The number of words should be approximately 2000.
  • Use between 3 and 5 sentence paragraphs.
  • Outline your lists with either bullets or numbers to avoid ending up with disoriented writing.
  • Do not forget to end your content with a concluding paragraph.
  • Upload your work on Grammarly’s official website or M.S word to check your spelling and grammar. These are our preferred means of running spell checks.

Finally, add the following information before sending your completed piece to [email protected] ;

  • A chosen post title
  • Your photo
  • A brief bio of yourself 
  • Your preferred social platform link.

We will contact you within 2weeks. It may take more time if your work meets the quality and set standards of our editorial board. The entire marketing chatters team looks forward to establishing a relationship with you in earnest!

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