7 reasons why you should not underestimate the value of a planned value proposition

In the birth of a new company it is essential to establish certain parameters so that it can gain momentum in such a short time and even more so when you enter the world of competition, this is when even companies that have been in business for a long time stagnate and fail to move forward. A Planned Value Proposition seems to be a common and commonplace instrument of a harmless marketing but in reality it hides behind it a power of effectiveness (as long as they are carried out correctly).

Here are seven reasons why you should not underestimate a value proposition.

1. Representation and Visibility

Planning an honest, precise and concise value proposition will open a huge window to the public eye that will allow you to present yourself to the world while communicating the benefits you offer. A value proposition makes you stand out and make a difference before the rest of the companies, you must visualize it as an identity card or as the prologue of a book that gives an opening of what it contains, thus inciting the person to read you, investigate you and buy either as a service or as a product.  Besides considering you as one of the bunch, it accredits the identity of your company. It is like a document that you yourself write about who you are as a business and what you promise to your audience.

2. Commercial Ranking

It quickly positions you in a commercial ranking that will give you more visibility not only at a state or national level but also to remote corners around the world until you reach the sight or the very level of large industries already formed and consolidated that may want you as an ally or as applicants for your services. You will be more likely to be taken into account.

3. Take over a shopping sector

It makes you reach exactly the public that you wanted to conquer from the beginning and now it is up to you not only to keep them interested. The demand of your customers will be witness of your quality, efficiency, customer service, among others, which will provoke curiosity to other purchasing sectors encouraging them to work with you and thus contribute to the expansion of the group to which you will provide your services.

4. Marketing

A value proposition is a super cost-effective marketing method for both those companies that are just starting out and those that have been in the industry for years and want to update their cover letter with the same ideals but offering more benefits or different benefits from what they used to provide. It is a very useful tool that does not cost large amounts of dollars, you just need a good short and keyworded copywriting. Business marketing goes hand in hand with the product you sell, that is, you can have one of the best products in technology but if you do not give a good concept accompanied by promotions that make it have a significant reach before the others, it will be useless because in the middle there is a lot of competition and as the product was not made known therefore will not be able to realize a type of clientele, much less a position at a competitive level or quality. It is more than a simple sentence, it is more than a set of cliché or empty marketing messages; it is the profile of how the company balances its activities and results with the hardships of its target audience, to deliver a compelling experience that can be monetized through an exchange of value.

5. Quality Sales

When your company manages to position itself, both the quality and quantity of your customers increases rapidly. A strong value proposition can be the difference between closing a sale and losing a customer to the competition, which will make your clientele will be formed alone because what you communicated goes according to their needs but, keep in mind that if you do not communicate well to you will come a wrong clientele that when paying you for your services will be obviously dissatisfied because from the beginning misunderstood the proposal that as a company you made him get. It is important not to lie about the benefits offered, you have to be completely honest and not sell false hopes.

6. Study your Statistics and those of your Competitors

Analyzing both your statistics and those of your biggest rival will help you improve (you should study what has worked for them and what hasn’t), it will give you a broader picture of how you should approach and move within it, in order to achieve a more effective projection following your ideals in terms of the product offered. In short, it gives you and your team a focus by identifying the initiatives, dynamics, steps and fundamental aspects of your business that once implemented will have the greatest impact.

7. Conveys Confidence to the Customer

Having a high position in the ranking without counting on the quality of the product and customer service will convey confidence to the customer because you have already created a reputation with which the customer will feel confident and like working with you and therefore will help the customer to commit to bet more on you. Finally, keep in mind that the descriptions you write will not only give them a better understanding of your customers and how your solution meets their needs but also help you highlight the key features that differentiate you from other solutions in the market and articulate the value you provide.

It is important not to underestimate the power that this tool has, it goes beyond knowing the differences between your brand and another is to know how to communicate correctly what you have in mind and get people interested because you may have an extraordinary proposal idea but if you do not know how to express it you will not be able to visualize a good growth. The value proposition is fundamental to the overall business model and should form the anchor for all decision making, operations and customer interaction.

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