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7 Steps to Handle Negative Comments on Social Media Gracefully

It may sound weird but negative comments on social media posts makes the company or the person more realistic. As the use of social media is exponentially increasing, the number of users are increasing day by day. The users of social media belong to all age groups but are most actively used by the young people.

As social media is an open platform for everyone to speak, write and tell everything that they think of. So it is very important for us to follow some steps in order to protect our mental health and wellbeing from all the negative comments and criticism.

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One should also take negative comments in such a way that it makes you look more realistic than fake. Criticism or negative comments helps to think about different alternatives and improve yourself.

We should learn to deal with negative comments gracefully, because on social media your image or your brand image depends on how you converse with the customers or the audience. people depend on the reviews when it comes to purchasing anything, about 90 % depend on the reviews for their purchase.

So if there is any negative comment that the people come across they notice how you have responded to it and is the problem solved and to what level is the other person satisfied with your brand after.

So, we will see different ways in which you can handle the negative comments on social media gracefully:

1.Consider them as feedback

Comments are a great way to get feedback from your customer. Even when the comments posted are negative, consider them as feedback and use it to make significant changes in the product. And respond to them with respect.

2.Treat them as constructive criticism

Negative comments on any product of your brand is a great opportunity to improve the product in the certain aspect mentioned in the comment and use it as a constructive instead of impacting the brand mindset in a negative way. One should immediately search for improvement points in the product.

3.Try not to delete the comment 

If the negative comment is about the quality or any other problem related to your product don’t just delete it instantly, try to apologies to the customer for the problem the product has caused if required,

and provide them an alternate solution for the same and try to have authentic conversation with the person to build a good brand image, because people like to have real conversation and it makes the person think that brand concerns for their customers.

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Learning is the most important and unique way to handle any negative comment. One should learn from the negative comments about the product shortcomings and work on those.

5.Having one -on-one

Having one-on-one direct conversation with your customers is highly helps in building trust with your customers and make the brands look more authentic.

One should try to have one on one conversation and try solving the customer’s problem but just in case the person is creating unnecessary points again and again, leave the person with a final note and end the conversation.

6.Develop a mechanism for the negative comments

Brands should make protocols for dealing with the negative comments on prior bases.

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7.Taking a short break

When someone consistently receives negativity from their audience, it’s important for them to take action. First, they can try addressing the issue directly with their audience. If this approach doesn’t bring positive results, it might be beneficial to take a short break from social media. This break allows them to recharge and regain their energy instead of being weighed down by hurtful comments and tying their self-worth to those remarks.

Large audience is present online on social media with the rights to be themselves and have all kinds of views on everything they see posted. This allows them to post some negative comments.

But one can save their brand image by following the stated steps and handle the negative comments gracefully without affecting your audience and the brand image. Regular posting on the brand page will help reduce the impact caused by the negative comments.

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