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21 Creative Facebook Post Ideas For Small Business

Whether you are trying to market yourself as a real estate agent or small business owner, you will not have a shortage of content to share. Here’s a compiled list of creative Facebook post ideas for small businesses that will help you get started. These tips will help you create content that will grow your business and connect with your customers. 

  1. Blog post & articles

  • Blog Posts and articles are some of the greatest ideas for Facebook posts. The key to getting more clicks and engagement on Facebook posts linking to your blog or articles is to do more than just list the title of the blog and a link.
  • Make sure you are posting original, unique, and captivating content to keep your audience engaged. 
  • If you have an important marketing message and want to make it easy for people to see it, write it in a Facebook post or pin it to the top of the page. 
  1. Ask questions and seek recommendations 

  • Social media posts that ask questions can help increase your engagement with social media, generate discussion among your followers, and generate constructive feedback about your business.
  • Apart from getting constructive feedback, you might also seek recommendations and advice from your audience. Implementation of the same will increase the trust of your customers. It will result in more customers on your Facebook account 
  1. Post consistently 

  • To increase engagement, you should always keep an eye on your small businesses and increase brand awareness, so you need to post regularly and consistently. 
  • Studies suggest posting twice or thrice a week is good enough to get noticed and seek more followers. Moreover, schedule your posts in advance to plan a cohesive Instagram grid that tells an overarching story. 
  • It also allows you to dedicate time to creating excellent captions, rather than trying to come up with something witty on the fly.
  1. Behind the scenes content

  • Give the audience a little sneak peek of your business details and processes. Whether it is how you pack the products or what’s material you use, behind-the-scenes clippings can include anything and everything. 
  • Behind the scenes, content is extremely popular on social media. It gives users that exclusive inside look that feels more authentic and transparent. It helps build healthy relations with the customers. 
  1. Client testimonials 

  • Sharing reviews and testimonials from happy clients and customers helps you not only create positive content but is also valuable social proof for your brand.
  • You can share text, video, and photo testimonials. Alternatively, some businesses create attractive quote graphics they use to share their customers’ positive experiences.
  1. Tease upcoming sales/offers

  • Build excitement among your Facebook audience by teasing upcoming sales or special offers.
  • If someone in your Facebook audience sees a post that advertises an offer on something that they need, then there’s a chance they will pursue that offer.
  • Although even if they weren’t looking for that particular product, seeing your offer might convince them to buy from you.
  1. Create a poll

  • Creating a poll gives you a chance to listen to what your audience has to say. Besides, you could allow them to add their option to the poll.
  • Responding to the answer that got the most votes is a good way of keeping on top of what your customers want from you.
  1. Include your tagline in your posts

  • Lots of companies have super-catchy taglines that help establish their brand identity and make them more memorable.
  • Including a distinct tagline in your Facebook posts can get your audience to sit up and take notice.
  • If you repeatedly create posts that feature your tagline, it will stick with your audience and they will come to recognize you by it.
  1. Feature your latest how-to guide

  • How-to-use guides are a fantastic way to explain to your customers exactly how to use your products and services.
  • Use images to make your how-to-guide more eye-catching and try to be comprehensive but not overly-detailed. Highlight how your product can benefit a potential customer and if it’s easy to use, make sure you show that.
  1. A find-the-product post

  • The premise of this Facebook post idea is to encourage people to visit your website.
  • Describe one of the products on your website and then ask your audience to go and find it. Provide an incentive, like a free trial, to persuade them to follow through with it.
  • By doing this, you are providing your audience with a clear call-to-action that can result in increased website traffic.
  1. Ask others to suggest a caption 

  • Post an interesting photo to your feed and invite your Facebook audience to caption it. 
  • This can be an effective way to generate engagement by prompting people to make comments on the post.
  • Posts such as these often get a huge amount of engagement on Facebook as they are easy to interact with and allow people to express their creative sides.
  1. Achievements 

  • There are few better ways to enhance your company’s reputation than an award. 
  • This can be an effective way to showcase your brand’s reputation among industry experts and peers. It serves as a powerful tool that shows your customers just how good you are at what you do.
  • You could create a custom cover photo and include text that announces that you’ve won the award.
  1. Preview one of your new products

  •  Bring a brand new product that’s about to go on the market to your Facebook audience’s attention.
  • A product preview is fantastic for building excitement among your audience about what lies in store for them.
  • Emphasize how this product is going to make a noticeable change to the lives of your customers and what the merits of purchasing it will be.
  1. Short answers to FAQs about your product

  • FAQs are essential for any business that aspires to have great customer service.
  • While you will probably already have FAQs listed on your company website, posting them on your Facebook page increases their visibility to customers.
  • This means that customers won’t be wasting their time looking for answers and won’t need to contact you as often.
  1. Offer advice about your product

  • Ensure that your customers know the ins and outs of your product by offering them advice on how to use it. 
  • You could post about safety guidelines or you could write about 5 unique ways to use your product, for example.
  • This product advice should go into more detail than tips and can be posted as an article or blog post.
  1. Ask your customers to share photos of your product in use

  • Another way to get more people to become interested in your product is to share photos of people using it.
  • If you can get across the message that they are happy with the product, this will help convince others that the product can have a positive impact on their life too.
  • It also gets current customers involved in your Facebook posts, encouraging them to continue purchasing your products.
  1. Create a fan-only discount

  • A discount for your loyal fans is a guaranteed way to boost customer loyalty.
  • Create an eye-catching image to get your fans’ attention and state what the discount is clearly.
  • This type of Facebook post is a surefire way to retain the customers that you already have and further increase their satisfaction. It also encourages others to join in so they can avail of the discounts too.
  1. Create a myth-busting series about your niche or product

  • Sometimes misleading information about your niche or product can be spread online, so you must address any rumors that might be circulating.
  • Through a series of videos, an infographic, or an article, you can share some key facts with your customers.
  • Inform them of factual information about your product and dispel any inaccurate assumptions.
  1. Share a special offer using a hashtag holiday

  • Take advantage of the holidays of the year by putting them in a hashtag on your post.
  • There are so many holidays these days, but it’s best to choose only the ones that give you the biggest chance to promote yourself.
  • If it’s a busy holiday, like Christmas or new year, you might have other promotional endeavors going on, so picking some of the lesser-celebrated holidays could work in your favor as a Facebook post idea.
  1. Customer service tips

  • Use your experience in customer service to help people with their own business.
  • By doing this you also highlight the strength of your customer service and the steps that you are taking to make sure your customers’ needs are heard.
  • Explain in detail the steps that the business takes to ensure that all customers’ needs are met and outline how others can implement the same methods.
  1. Quick tips

  • There are detailed tips and advice, and then there are quick tips. Both have the potential to be very valuable to a customer.
  • Quick tips take up a lot of time to read, but that doesn’t mean they can’t contain lots of value. They should be easily digestible and to the point, identifying a problem and coming up with a solution.
  • The problem these tips solve should also not be too complex, as the solution may then need to be more detailed.

Coming up with Facebook post ideas, again and again, can be shockingly difficult, so having a few general ideas can make the process a lot easier. These 21 Facebook post ideas can help you generate plenty of content to keep your Page engagement up.

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