5 Latest Instagram Trends to Get More Followers & Engagement

While the app is busy changing its algorithm every once in a while, there are a few latest Instagram trends that constantly have your back.

In recent years, Instagram has become the center of attraction for marketers all around the world. It is used by 13% of the world’s population, and 80 percent of those who use it follow brands.

Since Instagram marketing is in high demand, marketers are always on the lookout for new and effective ways to reach their customers.

Here are five latest Instagram trends that will help in organically increasing your follower count and engagement in the platform:

1.      Using Instagram video subtitles and closed captions

latest instagram trends

According to Instagram, 60% of stories are watched with sound on, with the remaining 40% being viewed silently.

It is because of those users who prefer to view videos without sound that subtitles and closed captions have become an important marketing tool. It will help in delivering the core message alongside visuals.

In a study, 80% of the people said that videos with captions will encourage them to watch the entire thing.

2.      Do not miss out on Instagram Reels

latest instagram trends

Even if Instagram keeps changing its feed algorithm, the power Instagram Reels hold has been the same. The kind of reach and engagement you can get through those short 30 seconds is massive.

With creative tools like stickers, music, fonts, and colors, Instagram Reels provides you a great opportunity to make fun videos for your brand. Be it short tutorials, a BTS video, a Q&A, or just pure entertainment, you can do it all.

3.      Create ‘saveable’ content

The new cheat to increase Instagram followers and engagement would be to create content that is ‘save worthy’.

‘Saveable’ content is anything that your audience finds valuable enough to revisit later. It can be carousel posts with useful tips or information that a viewer might want to act on later or travel content that the viewer would save for future reference. The content is decided based on your target audience.

4.      Focus on user-generated content

latest instagram trends

One of the simplest yet most effective marketing techniques on Instagram is creating user-generated content. It is a great idea to turn your followers into brand advocates by allowing them to involve and connect with the brand in a more personal way.

Content that is created and approved by your audience themselves? Hell, yes! Look at examples like Starbucks’ #RedCupContest around Christmas or Google Pixel’s #TeamPixel or Apple’s #ShotOniPhone for inspiration.

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5.      Make full use of Instagram Stories and Stickers

With over 500 million users every day, Instagram stories are a great trend to make your brand look more authentic and approachable.  It will also boost your chances of appearing in the ‘explore’ section if you are looking for new followers.

While you’re at it, do not forget about the existence of Instagram Stories Stickers. Using these will encourage your followers to interact with the brand and stay connected to it. The question sticker, the quiz sticker, and the countdown sticker are a few examples to make your content more fun and user-friendly.

To Conclude

Instagram marketing might sure seem like a tough job. But if you stay updated, understand the latest Instagram trends, and discover creative ways to market through it, you will absolutely enjoy the process. When you sit down next time to plan content, make sure you follow the above-mentioned tips to keep your Instagram followers engaged and always incoming.

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